Frog Falls/Wap Lake/Mabel Lake

Frog Falls – Wap Lake Road

Located about 4.5km down Wap Lake Road for the turnoff and then about another half km up the rocky road. Well worth the trek. Keep left after turning off Wap Lake Road. Frog Falls provides electricity to Three Valley Gap.

Wap Lake Road is located less than a kilometer east of Top Hat Terrace right off the Trans Canada to the South.  The road isn’t marked but is just across the highway from the north side turnoff.   Wap Lake Road is also your winter snowmobile access to Griffin, Begbie and Monashees.



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Further Down Wap Lake Forest Service Road (FSR) 

Wap Lake – 20min (12.7km)

  • Rec Site #:REC1564wap-lake-1
  • Type:User Maintained
  • Fees:None
  • Campsites:1
  • Access:Road
  • Activities: Beach Activities
    Vehicle Accessible Camping
  • Facilities:
  • Boat Launch
  • Site Description:This is a small timbered site on a beautiful little lake, Wap Lake. Good fishing and viewing opportunities. Caution – access is via an active logging road.
  • Driving Directions: Wap Lake can be reached using the Wap Lake Forest Service Road, which starts at the Trans-Canada Highway just west of Three Valley Gap. While road conditions vary with weather, two-wheel drive vehicles can usually use this road in summer. The site is located at 12 km on the Wap Lake Forest Service Road .


Mabel Lake – 1hr 32min (56.1km down the gravel road)

Mabel Lake Provincial Park is located 37 km (23 miles) north of Lumby on the Lumby Mabel Lake Road.

Travelling Here

Kingfisher (Wap Lake) Forest Service Road (FSR)
For backroad enthusiasts there is a 67 km (42 miles) gravel road route to Mabel Lake Provincial Park from Hwy 1 about 20 km (12.5 miles) west of Revelstoke. The route starts about a half a kilometre east of Top Hat Terrace on the gravel Wap Lake (FSR) then the Mabel Lake FSR. Unfortunately both roads can be restricted, have active logging on them and are required to be radio-assisted traffic controlled. Both FSR’s can also be narrow in places and if you are hauling a trailer not recommended, but for dual-sport motorcycles, 4×4’s and for those familiar with travelling on a FSR, it is very scenic and offers a number of recreation sites along the way at Wap Lake, Cottonwood Bay and Cascade South.

To get to Mabel Lake Provincial Park by major roads either, travel 110 km (69 miles) west from Needles or 28 km (17.5 miles) east from Vernon on Hwy 6 to Lumby. Once you’re at Lumby, travel north 32 km (20 miles) on the paved Lumby Mabel Lake Road to a point where the Shuswap River enters the lake from the south, then continue an additional 5 km (3 miles) on the now gravel Mabel Lake Road to the park gate.

Park Highlights
The main highlights of Mabel Lake Provincial Park revolve on a much quieter setting than those found in the more bustling Okanagan Valley. Mabel Lake is a fairly good-sized lake, 35 km (22 miles) long that is very clean, deep and features excellent fishing opportunities especially if you enjoy angling for various species of trout and Spring salmon. The air temperature also tends to be as hot during the day as the Okanagan Valley but the evenings tend to be much cooler allowing for a more comfortable sleeping environment.

The camping at Mabel Lake Provincial Park is divided into seven mini-campgrounds between two separate areas called Monashee and Trinity for a total of 81 vehicle-accessible campsites. The individual campsites are fairly large and private, allowing larger groups, most travel trailers and bigger RV’s. The campground features include pit-toilets for each mini-campground as well a large number of other pit-toilets found throughout the park, cold-water taps supplied from a decent well system, campfire-rings, a kids’ playground area, wood for sale and a sani-station.

Overload Camping
If campground is full which it tends to be during the summer season there is an overload staging area where you can camp next to the lake. Names are posted on a notice board in the order of when you arrived. Every morning the park attendants arrange with the overload people for available sites that day. The usual wait is no more than two days waiting to get a campsite.

Gravel Beach
Mabel Lake Provincial Park is an excellent place for families to enjoy especially with all the activities geared towards kids and enjoying the lazy days of summer. The park sits next to the lakeshore with quick access to Mabel Lake. The day-use area also features a grass area, picnic tables, a gravel beach with lots of places to swim, fish and play on a grass field. Just remember there are no lifeguards present, the lake drops-off quickly into the water, so watch non-swimmers and children plus there are areas dedicated to boaters so respect this.

Concrete Boat Launch
If you are boating, there is a good boat launch at the provincial park located next to the day-use area and the overload area. Here you can find a large concrete ramp with dock lining one side of the launch where you can launch boats of all different sizes. There is a large parking lot located here for vehicle and boat trailer storage.

South Mabel Marina
Situated right next to the boat launch is the South Mabel Marina. The marina sells fuel, has fishing gear, bait and ice, plus has a small general store selling limited provisions including convenience items including ice-cream cones, a real favourite with the kids. There is a short trail located next to the boat launch for easy access from between the beach and the campground in the provincial park to the South Mabel Marina.

Taylor Creek Nature Trail
For walkers there is Taylor Creek Nature Trail which starts near the parking area for the boat launch and meanders throughout the thick forest of birch, hemlock and red cedar between the campground and the provincial park service depot coming out at the beach at the campsite for large groups. The trail follows Taylor Creek, a place where there is a chance to spot various kinds of wildlife that inhabits the park including a variety of birds, deer and squirrels.

Supplies and services found at the small community of Lumby which is approximately 30-45 minutes away by vehicle. Here you can find the Visitor Info Centre, gas station, large grocery store and liquor store. If you enjoy exploring there are a number of adventure routes you can do from Lumby. One is taking Aberdeen Philpott FSR to Hwy 33 east of Rutland going south or travelling north back towards Mabel Lake and taking the Trinity Valley Road to Ashton Creek and Enderby. For trout-fishing opportunities you can travel south-east from Lumby on the Creighton Valley Road to Echo Lake Provincial Park.