Sockeye Salmon Run

Salmon Run





Though the Salmon Run occurs every year, the dominant years happen every 4 years, so 2014, 2018, 2022, etc. there will be millions of Sockeye Salmon returning to their spawning grounds where they were eggs four years prior.  A fascinating event to watch for thousands of tourists every year.

For the Three Valley Gap area, this event occurs in the Eagle River a few minutes west of Top Hat Terrace.  A good place to view this phenomenon is just East of the Enchanted Forest.  Please use caution when pulling onto the shoulder and crossing the highway.  This Salmon Run occurs for approximately 3 weeks in late September, early October.

CBC did a report in 2014 and can be found at the following link:

CBC Report on Salmon Run

This report focuses on the Salmon in Adams River, about 1 ½ hours west on Hwy. 1 (128km). Adams River is located about 15 minutes past Sorrento (turn left onto Squilax-Anglemont Road from the Trans-Canada).